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- Outstanding

For this module, the group mission was to create a stunning retail / e-tail concept. The focus was to choose a significant moment within the retail calendar and develop a scheme to fit for a larger London based department store or an independent retailer. 


We created a multi-window promotional display, an in-store display concept, an e-commerce website landing page that promotes the overall concept, and an e-commerce / m-commerce page to show the link between the physical and digital selling spaces / social media assets. Alongside a series of window designs using SketchUp and Photoshop, interior display visualisations, promotional strategy and concept timeline. All backed up with primary & secondary research, retailer brand information, concept mood boards and more. 

"This is an imaginative concept based around the Willy Wonka movie, Charlie and Chocolate factory. Excellent brand analysis and positioning map. Evidence of primary visual research including visual observations. Renders of the windows communicate the sequential windows very well, each window taking on a different scene from the movie, excellent windows with integrated digital formats. Key influences highlighted from various primary research sources which is highly commendable. The digital app experience works well to blend the online and offline experiences for the consumer. VR elevator pods are innovative and forward thinking; as a group you have responded excellently to the brief. The majority of your window concepts have been designed with much thought and attention to detail; these are really impressive designs. On the ground and in the air campaign very good and cohesively planned out. Excellent planning it the project timeline, overall the proposal is very well presented and holistically, excellent. A throughly researched project, with a timely launch with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake launching at Christmas. Excellent link between Harrods and Willy Wonka. Inclusion of the brand position and brand onion are theoretically supportive in analysing the brand. Sequential windows that tell a story are very in keeping with Harrods, this strategy is outstanding. Inclusion of the golden tickets to tie in with the film and create a buzz around shopping. WONKAVISION! LOOMPALAND is entertaining without being too commercial for a luxury brand- inclusion of gamification is forward thinking for Harrods. You have also produced a viable website landing page and analysed the social media of Harrods and found a gap with the TikTok which is highly commendable. Excellent work". 

- Sarah Bailey (Creative Consultant), Harriet Posner (Director of Undergraduate Programmes), Hannah Shakir (Senior Lecturer in Fashion Media).

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