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In a group, we created a magazine issue and content proposal for March 2023 based on “What It Means to Be a Woman”.


We created mock-up covers, editor’s letter, beauty page and related piece of digital content, and a fashion accessory (editorial) page using our own still life imagery, picking up on key cultural and fashion trends using WGSN and other research methods with another related piece of digital content.

"What a fabulous issue proposal. The covers and content are well considered and timely throughout. There is a clear feel and aesthetic to the work. The simplicity of the digital covers is nice and works well to showcase all the covers. What platforms would this run on? The cover star choices are perfect for March as is the colour palette, theme and mixture of up and coming stars. You have justified this well. The still life has turned out brilliantly and looks really professional. Well done and well done for your research into the trend and cross hatching a concept from the denim and outsize bag trends. The beauty page is fresh and has a great mixture of brands included. I like that you've included your learning from Vogue Education Presents into this project. It shows you are looking across the board when it comes to your learning and bringing it all together. Fantastic effort. Regarding the presentation: You had a very good rationale on cover star choices. With very good data on social media followers. The covers were very good with very good coverlines. The digital cover was very good. The editor's letter was very good - well done for reading this out. You explained very clearly who did what roles. The beauty shopping page had a very nice image. 

You have documented your groups progress very thoroughly each week, reflecting on decisions made as well as where you have agreed between group members on various issues and have clearly documented your action points and involved each group member every step of the way. This displays a fantastic teamwork practice. The Log gives a realtime insight into how the project was created and gives good background into your research process". 

- Sophie Cullen (Beauty Editor at Condé Nast International)
, Harriet Posner (Director of Undergraduate Programmes), Hannah Shakir (Senior Lecturer in Fashion Media).

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