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- Excellent

I created an illustrated essay based on the rise of fashion weeks around the globe. I was instructed to research, critically analyse and develop an argument in answer to the following question:  

“Fashion is found and practiced globally by many fashion agents, yet why are some fashion geographies more celebrated than others?" 

I discussed and considered why these disparities exist with reference to 3 specific examples.

"You have demonstrated understanding of fashion studies well with a specific focus on representation and identity that is well investigated and put into relevant context. You worked hard across the module to develop your theme and it is a success - well done! Your work raises some interesting points, contributing to an overall narrative that shows critical thinking and good detail in research. You cover the scope and therefore the limitations of your theme well and the whole narrative structure is great - it reads both as academic and in your own voice, with excellent use of theory/key theorists to bring context and rationale. It's great to see you thinking about such a pertinent overall theme - and in nuanced layers, as in the section about Performative Diversity. You make good recommendations based on your analysis".

- Ruth Marshall-Johnson (Strategic Research for Creative Disciplines), Samantha Kemmy (Lecturer in Critical & Historical Studies for Fashion), 
Harriet Posner (Director of Undergraduate Programmes), Hannah Shakir (Senior Lecturer in Fashion Media). 

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