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- Very Good

The assignment was to create an illustrated marketing report and presentation of a brand case study within a chosen market sector. Containing relevant marketing frameworks and research compiled from primary and secondary research sources. I worked heavily on InDesign and Photoshop to create my assets and document .

"The design of this report is outstandingly put together with extensive use of campaign imagery as well as PR imagery and branding for Diesel all integrated seamlessly. Very well done. There is some good evidence of marketing theory knowledge through the pricing pyramid, Like for Like, brand positioning, SWOT and Pestel. You gave a great intro to the brand and clearly evidenced marketing theory with the Boston Matrix included. Earned media and PR activities were excellently incorporated to the presentation. The tables showing the marketing mixes with Lauterbourne’s C’s and Mitterfelner’s D’s was very good. The learning from other modules was also linked in nicely, despite it not being a requirement, this demonstrates your engagement with the learning you are undertaking. Well done". 

- Wendy Kay (Module Leader)
, Harriet Posner (Director of Undergraduate Programmes), Hannah Shakir (Senior Lecturer in Fashion Media).

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