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- Very Good

I created a 6 minute research and concept overview Powerpoint presentation on Chet Lo. I discussed the implications of my research for my campaign concept that addressed brand identity, communication channels, key communication messages and tactics.

"Your chosen brand - Chet Lo - was well researched and analysed with good problem identification in The Brand slide; summarised via your thorough SWOT analysis. You identified key problems to tackle with x 3 aligned goals . Good primary research poll and Research Takeaways. Good application of the Marketing Mix, as well as other learnt marketing knowledge from last term - including the Brand Onion. A clear understanding of the Key Communication Message, along with good key Tactics was outlined - especially the 'Adopt a Bunny' idea". 

- Wendy Kay (Module Leader)
, Harriet Posner (Director of Undergraduate Programmes), Hannah Shakir (Senior Lecturer in Fashion Media).

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